Send Mr. & Mrs. Rats Away

Ratatouille is cute. But in reality, the rats aren't.
Ratatouille is cute. But in reality, the rats aren’t.

Gosh, rats are really annoying. Unfortunately, it exists in our house, no matter how clean it is. They usually are in action during the night. When morning comes and you’d like to make a coffee, you find your pantry in a mess. Rat has destroyed your house, gnawed on your bread, bit your plastic plate, and some unbelievable other actions. Not to mention their feces and urine.

My feeling about the rat is clear: those damn bugs must be gone! Do you with me? If yes, let’s chase them down. Don’t let any rats stay any longer. There are some ways we can do to fix this problem:

  1. Have pet such as cricket, cat, or even snake. But remember the side-effect of keeping those animals. Rat does fear cricket’s noises, so your ears do. Cat, as you see in Tom and Jerry, can fight and even eat them. Snakes too.
  2. Smearing the mint oil on a piece of cardboard and put it somewhere rat used to pass. Rat doesn’t like mint fragrance.
  3. Use rat poison. This is really effective method to kill Mr. & Mrs. Rats. But the rat that swallowed the poison often died in hiding place. It’s pretty difficult to find the corpse, while its stink easily spread. I suggest, search the cadaver immediately, before it gets worst.
  4. Use rat trap. You make the rat go into the trap (e.g. small cage) by putting a slice of meal or chocolate jam. Make sure the trap is set rightly so the bait won’t be merely wasted.
  5. Use mothballs. Crush roughly the mothballs then spread it on the place along the rat’s paths. This way is effective enough to keep them out. And as a bonus, your house will smell good.
  6. Use the electric rat chaser. The price is expensive. Furthermore, many people has complained because it didn’t work.

The most important thing is to keep your house clean. It can minimize the rat population in your house.

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