Seven Mistakes in Home Buying

Home buying mistakes could happen to everyone
Home buying mistakes could happen to everyone

In buying a house, my parents always said that we cannot just use the feeling while ignoring the logic. Like on any other subject, a feeling can be misleading. I don’t want to take a risk for that. House isn’t cheap. You may regret your new iPad. But for a new house, don’t let it happens!

We have to consider some things before deciding which house we’d like to buy. Most people do some mistakes in it. They finally regret and resell that house. I know, sometimes we have to make a mistake to know the truth. But it doesn’t mean that we may put our lifetime saving in jeopardy.

Want to know what the common mistakes? Check these out!

First mistake: loving a house which its price is more expensive than your saving.

When you fall in love with a particular house, you will always imagine live in it. But if you have not been able to buy a house like that, it will just hurt yourself. Wake up! You better find a house which suits your budget. What you must remember is when you buy the house you do not only have to pay the price. You also have to pay installment payment and credit interest every month.

Second mistake: saying, “No good house anymore to find in this world.”

Don’t be trapped in that assumption. If you have had a list of house you would like to buy, one of them must be suitable with your taste. If there is not even a single house you love, don’t’ worry. Buy one of nearest your taste. Then renovate.

Third mistake: desperate.

If you’ve spent much time searching the right house, but don’t found any yet, or you’ve found it but the price is unbelievable, you may go desperate. Maybe you buy the house that’s already in the market. Once again, don’t be trapped in such situation. Be patient. Wait and see. I know waiting is boring and wasting. But it’s better than hurry in buying the house. I saw so many people are easily used by other people due to their rush selling. So did people who were in rush buying.

Fourth mistake: neglecting some lacks of the house.

Just because you love the measure and type of the house, you usually neglect some damages in it. You know it’s not good attitude. Pay objectively attention to every detail. Whether there is something you must repair, the cost of renovation is cheap or not. If these problems can confuse you and need much cost, you better look for another house. Don’t be afraid, many house is built every month.

Fifth mistake: negotiate too fast.

Negotiate too fast is not good. Why? By this way, maybe you neglect some important things. You don’t observe the condition of the environment or neighbor. If you have to make a quick decision, ask the seller time to think, at least one night.

Sixth mistake: hurry in deciding.

Losing the house you are ready to buy because someone else’s offer is more interesting can be so hurt. But it doesn’t mean you have to be hurry in deciding. The more you spend time and energy to find the house, the more satisfied your return. You don’t need to concentrate in finding the dream house all the time. Just spend a reasonable time for this business.

Seventh mistake: buying higher than market price.

It’s very common. If you have found the house but you have to compete with many other people, you can be trapped in price war, or trying to avoid this by offering the high price from the beginning. Uh, oh! I smell a problem here. First, of course you have to pay higher than market price, followed by high installment and interest. Second, when you want to sell it someday, the price will be lower than you expected. From the beginning, it’s overpriced!

Buying the house is a big decision. That’s why you must involve your logic. Avoid the mistakes you’ll regret. At least, don’t do these common mistakes.

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