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Healthy backyard, healthy life
Healthy backyard, healthy life

Generally, people build backyard as a place to dry clothes or to put stuffs. They don’t build it as a little heaven, just because the backyard is in the back where mostly people don’t see.

Nevertheless, you can make backyard as beautiful as frontyard. For an instance, by building a little park with flowers or plants. It has many functions, more than you think. First, the lighting to the interior will increase. Second, there will be a better air circulation around.

A backpark (my term to park in the backyard) also can be a runaway spot for you to take a rest after working all day long. Since the backyard isn’t exposed like the front, you can take a rest privately without any disruption. Nobody could watch you while you’re lying on the grass or inside a cocoon.

If the backpark is connected to the dining room and kitchen, it can be an area to treat the folk in some big day. After taking the meal served on the dining table, you can enjoy the backpark together.

Or, you can farm in the backpark. If it’s possible, plant some kind of vegetable or fruit plants. You’ll don’t have to buy vegetable or fruit in the market. More than that, you can sell them! My friends do this. They said that it’s such a pleasure to plant nutrition by your own hand, watch it grows, and produces things very useful not only for you.

If you’re an artist and create crafts, you can use the backyard to work as well. Be it by yourself, or with the employers. It all depends on your creativity.

Another choice to consider, change your backyard as a playground. Do you know Backyardigans? It’s animation series for children. The five friends from different kind of animal always play in the backyard. They imagine of being an astronaut, postmen, scientist, etc. So, when you want to give something for your children, just give them a proper place to play.

See, there are plenty things you can make in the backyard. So, let’s make it. Then, show it off! [photo from]

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