Simple Ideas to Spend Holiday at Home without Losing Vacation Sense

Normally, we push our body to work eight hours a day, five to six days a week. Not to mention extra times. You do the math, it’s the most time of our wide-awake life. No kidding, our body and mind will sooner or later demand a break. That’s why, holiday is always a blessing. Physically, it means rest time. Psychologically, it means me-time, family time or social time.

Take a vacation at home

How do you spend your holiday, by the way? By staying at home all the time? Get some more sleep? Yes, it’s very important. Or, do you prefer go traveling to somewhere interesting? It’s a super idea too! Unfortunately, we don’t always have a budget for going travel to “celebrate” the holidays.

Don’t be sad, though. We always can spend holiday at home, without losing the atmosphere of vacation. If you are creative enough, your family will feel like spending holiday in a star hotel. Here some activities I suggest to give you the idea.

(1) Disconnect from people you know

Turn off your telephone and cellular phone for days. Set your auto-responder in email that you are in vacation for particular days. Ask your family members (who are in this vacation) to do the same.

(2) Prepare the equipments à la star hotel

To be more practical, you can order the Hotel Supply Online. That’s from For more than 30 years, Peach Suite provides the fine quality equipments for the hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, caterings, and health care industries. It is located in Georgia, so basically it serves Atlanta Hotel Supply. But you can order what you need from other regions with shipping cost.

(3) Hire a chef and a maid just for couple days

Or, to be more efficient, hire a house maid who knows how to cook some hotel cuisines. Don’t forget to prepare all the stuffs for her work. Make sure she is capable to handle the room service too.

(4) Install fun stuffs to support your laziness relaxations

Hammock, bath up, cocoon, for instances. You may pitch a tent and sleep there with your small family, if you’d like.

(5) Do whatever you want to do when in traveling

Do you watch television or movies during your vacation? Do you read books? If so, do that. But me, I prefer taking a walk to somewhere I never been there. Pretend that you are a tourist in your own city. But don’t pretend that you never visited a place, because it won’t work. Go to near places that are completely new to you. Eat new foods, drink new beverages. If you used to drive a car, now take some public transportation. Avoid doing things like in your everyday life.

(6) Go back for dinner

Create an adventurous game that involves your family members. Laugh a lot. Sleep tight. With a big smile.

(7) Wake up, enjoy the life even more

Do light exercise on the gym machine. Enjoy the breakfast. Don’t bother laundry or clean up the house. Remember, there’s someone who handles those things for these few days. Yo can also take a good, long massage. This is part of your “hotel” facility. Make use of it!

Et cetera, until it’s time for you to “check out”. Maybe some points above is expensive to accomplish. For instance to provide the equipments such as Hotel Bar Supply. But it won’t be a problem if you see them as an investment. Because in fact, you can use these equipments again and again.

So, I leave you here. I believe you are ingenious enough to create your own “travel plan”. Have a nice holiday!

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