Six Easy Ways to Organize Your House

It was a long weekend. The end of 2012! I was glad to see it. No office. No business. No traffic. It’s so fun to spend my quality time with the whole family. But, when I looked around, gosh, I found it mess.

I have to admit, make the house messy is easier than make it tidy. We can put our stuff everywhere. Throw it wherever we like. Buy some new objects and put it on our old things. And when we find our house disorder, we just can give up. We prefer to watch television while enjoying potato chips than clear up our house.

But come on! Holiday is a long time to do something useful. If you don’t want to sport or wash your car, organize your house. I know it’s not easy, but I can give you six easy ways to organize your house:

Eliminating stuff
Pull out the stuffs you don’t use anymore. Clothes, furniture, magazine. Maybe you find it all with dust on it. Clean it and bring it to flea market, contribute it, or open the garage sale. The important is, your house is free from unused stuffs.

Change one-purposed stuff into two-purposed stuff
Look at furniture you have and pick out what you don’t really use often. Observe if there’s another way to reuse it in a new way. Just because it’s designed for one purpose, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it only for that. There’s a possibility to make it for another function.

Use “dead space”
Maybe you have a hiding place in your house such as a space under the stairs. This is potential storage space. Use this to put some of your stuff that you may still use. But, put it orderly and esthetically.

Put up high or down low
If you have some things and you don’t use it very often, store these items up high. It can be on your bookshelf, wardrobe, or kitchen shelves. Or, you can put them all down low under your bed. Just one tip from me: think before you buy. If you won’t use that stuff as often as you guess, you can borrow it from your friend or family.

Use decorative boxes
Want to put some things in a box? Good idea. But if you choose the bad one, especially if you put it on the pantry shelf and your guess may visit this place too, they will notice it. So, use some decorative boxes. You can buy it or create it by yourself. No idea? Pick one box and cover it with gift-wrapping paper.

Buy the multi-purpose furniture
Nowadays, furniture is better at supplying the storage space. When you’re shopping, look for things that have multi-purpose: coffee table or television shelf with shelves or drawers, etc. It won’t waste the place of your house. Further, it makes your house wider than when it has many furniture.

Well, happy new year! Hope you love your house deeper.

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