Six Feng Shui Tips in Buying House

Feng shui
Feng shui, it’s all about faith and rationalization.

In near future, do you have a plan to buy a house? As a place to stay or an investment, buying house is a biggest financial decision. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right one. You can also apply feng shui when you choose your dream house. Well, actually, we don’t believe feng shui. But some of the advices are logical. Here, for instance, feng shui tips that may guide you in buying house:

  1. Find the property that has water and mountain structure in 5-10 kilometers of distance. Water structure can be a river, lake, pool, or dam. While mountain structure is a green and fertile mountain. Avoid the rocky mountain because it radiates negative energy called Sha Qi. Water and mountain structure is the key to have a good feng shui. Mountain produce Qi or positive energy and water is the place for Qi to gather. I say, “Water and fresh air are always good for you.”
  2. Find the property that has character of White Tiger, Green Dragon, Black Turtle and Red Pheonix. This is the place where property has higher position in the back, left and right. I say, “Of course, if you have a house with front part higher, it’s bad for design.”
  3. Don’t buy property that has many human-designed structures that cause negative energy. It can be communication tower, highway, drainage channel or three-way crossroad. All those structure has negative energy against feng shui that finally can cause negative energy to the owner of the house. I say, “Agree! How can you be comfortable to live in a center of noisy? Or around the strong electromagnetic wave?”
  4. Buy the property that has Bright Hall Effect. That’s when the property has a big opened room in front of the property to gather Qi. A house with Bright Hall benefits and good from feng shui perception. This feature can bring the great fortune. I say, “Can’t more agree!”
  5. Avoid buy a house that has weird building shape that can cause interior position becomes weird too. The weird house layout can create Sha Qi because of disorder shape or has the sharp point. Buying this kind of property can waste many budget for renovation. I say, “Everybody knows. Wrong design, wrong function, you’ll have to pay it one day.”
  6. Check the direction of property. Choose the property that faces a good direction according to your Gua number. The house direction can be determined by counting the birthday of the owner or the head of the family. I say, “Do the math if you’d like to. But in the end, whatever the result, direction is important.”

You can always rationalized the feng shui, in your own way. For example, the tips about water and mountain. I believe it can bring some benefit to you. We need water, right? And the sound of water flowing, as I heard, is good for your soul health. While from mountain, we can get a good view. Its color is good for our eyes.

Then the tips about avoid the house near communication tower or highway. Have you ever thought that it’s all can disturb you? The communication tower can fall on your house. Or, the tips about avoiding buying house that has weird building shape. Believe me, it’s hard to renovate or repair whenever it’s damaged.

See. It’s all your perception. It’s all your faith.

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  1. Although we are now modern, we cannot deny the fact that there is sense in using Feng shui and modern designers use them.
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