So, You Want to Live in Apartment?

The apartments suit modern life
The apartments suit modern life

Recently, many developers build apartment in big cities. The desire to live in vertical building in urban area increases due to the limit of the land. The price is getting expensive. While vertical building like apartment doesn’t need vast land. Apartment is also built in strategic area. Usually near business center or office. So, people can save the transportation budget. You can arrive in the office and at home earlier.

In other hand, apartment unit is smaller, so you do not need much time and energy to clean up the room. You will not be busy too to garden, water banishment tool, or air circulation because there is a manager who is responsible for such problem.

What about safety factor? It’s better as well. There are 24 hours security and CCTV that keeps observing, so you can keep calm when leaving yours. This is important, since most of urban society will spend more of their time outside.

The apartment also offers some interesting facilities: fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, playground, minimarket, restaurant, café and others that make you doesn’t have to go too far to fulfill your necessities.

In the other side of coin, there are some detriments of living in apartment. For instance, maintenance fee or service charge. This fee will be used to pay electricity, lift, cleanliness, security person fee, and many others. Usually it’s more expensive.

There are some strict rules too, such as prohibition of pet. If you like gardening, the bad news is, there is no ground to plant. You also have to think twice before listening to the music out loud, because the neighbors are nearer. It doesn’t automatically mean that the dwellers are social. On the contrary, they seldom meet and involve in deep conversation.

However, the invest value in apartment is lower than buying a house. If an apartment unit is sold in long period, the selling value will be even lower.

So, still want to buy an apartment unit?

I suggest you to find out the carport, security system, fire prevention tool, water supplier, and other “trivial” things. Sometimes buyer forgets to take care of those all.

If you are interesting with a commercial apartment but the apartment itself has not been built completely, you are better ask who the developer and how the documents needed to build it. Be careful, in some cases, many unprofessional developers just left its half-built apartment. Sure it can inflict a loss upon the buyer. [photo from]

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