Sunlight and Humidity in Tropical House

Tropical house means much sunlight, high level of humidity and rainfall
Tropical house means much sunlight, high level of humidity and rainfall

Tropical climate means much sunlight, high level of humidity and rainfall. It’s always hot when your air circulation system is bad. Then bacteria and fungus increases. So without your notice, suddenly the woods mold, the roof leaks, etc. It needs some strategy to anticipate.

First, to solve sunlight problem

You have to make some skylight (window on the roof), or at least at top of the wall. Else, build big glass window or door. Make some opened room in the house, whether it’s a garden in center or back of your house. Another alternative is using glass block and void area from second floor to first floor with a big window. It can make the first floor bright enough.

A friend of mine suggested me to manage sunlight direction by making shadow effect. You, he said, have to control the fall of sunlight through the window or skylight into the building. You can also choose the light and heavy effect material, such as nature stone, concrete, wood, glass or iron.

Just remember, too much sunlight won’t be good. That’s why you need to make some canopy to prevent the dazzle.

Second, to prevent high level of humidity

Ensure the doors or windows face each other. The purpose is to make good cross of air circulation, horizontally or vertically. Try to let the sunlight enter the house directly, through the wall or window on the roof, at least for an hour.

Another option, make the multifunction window that can be used for two situations. If the habitant only wants the light, he can open the jalousie but the wind can’t enter, and vice versa.

Or choose the wood that resists against moldy and cover it to make more durable. Last, try to flow the rainfall by making roof sheer. Don’t forget to choose the tile with straight plot, so the water will quickly flow. Also, set the big vertical gutter, especially if the roof is flat.

It’s also important to set the aluminum foil that can decrease the heat under the roof and leak. For exterior window or door frame, choose the aluminum or durable wood. Choose the wall paint with weather resistant. [photo from]

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