Swing, Swing Gently on the Hammock

Indoor hammock

Swing, swing, very gently swing. Even more gently than my mother was rocking me so many years ago. This tool is, ladies and gentlemen, called hammock. I was on it between two mango trees in my home. One meter high. You should try it. It’s very comfy. And healthy as well, the Swiss researchers recently say.

Neuroscientists at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, rigged up a bed so it would sway gently from side to side every four seconds, considerably slower than the pendulum on a cuckoo clock. A dozen adult research subjects napped on the bed for 45 minutes while scalp electrodes recorded brain activity. During one nap the bed swayed. For another, it was stationary. You know what, the gentle rocking motion makes the subjects fall asleep deeper and faster.

The bed in the research was not a hammock. However, from the sameness of motion, it’s hammock-like. It’s the same effect, I think.

Usually people install a hammock outdoor. It goes best with a sandy beach and a few umbrella-topped drinks, hammock is also good to be installed in the garden, terrace or balcony, especially if you need quietness to read, take a nap, or simply enjoy your surroundings. You may even install the hammock indoor. It’s not a new idea. But, I believe you didn’t do it yet. Do you? The hammock with their look and comfort will give style to your home decoration.

Wherever your decision for hammock installation, indoor or outdoor, don’t forget to check the signs of excess wear annually and repair with nylon fishing line when possible. If you choose outdoors installation, never nail or screw straight into tree trunks. Keep think green.

Now tell me, do you have a hammock at home? Indoor or outdoor? If not, do you have a plan to install it? Or do you prefer a cocoon? [photo from Afurnitureblog.com]

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