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Make House More Relaxing

I believe that house is a place to escape myself from the crowd and business. But sometimes, I found my house not as organized and calm as I imagine. It makes me more tired and stress. So, I ask my friend to give an advice and he gives me some suggestion based on feng shui. Because I think that feng shui can be rational, I apply those suggestions in my house, and it’s true. My house feels relaxing. Continue reading Make House More Relaxing

Six Feng Shui Tips in Buying House

Feng shui
Feng shui, it’s all about faith and rationalization.

In near future, do you have a plan to buy a house? As a place to stay or an investment, buying house is a biggest financial decision. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right one. You can also apply feng shui when you choose your dream house. Well, actually, we don’t believe feng shui. But some of the advices are logical. Here, for instance, feng shui tips that may guide you in buying house: Continue reading Six Feng Shui Tips in Buying House