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About Partition

Rattan partition
Exotic rattan partition, it's only 1,950,000 IDR (about 216 USD).

If you have a large room with many functions, maybe you need something to separate it based on the activities. For instance, kitchen and dining room, or dining room and living room. In this case, you don’t have to build a wall to give a separation. Look at me, I’ve just bought a partition and I will use it for a large room with some parts in it. Continue reading About Partition

Ceramics to Cover the Wall, Good or Bad?

Ceramics on the wall
Ceramics look elegant on the floor and on the wall

A wall stands not only to separate rooms, but also to show the interesting design on itself. The design could be from wallpaper, painting, relief, and last but not least: ceramic. Yes, nowadays there are ceramics with the fine designs. Generally, ceramics are applied for bathroom or kitchen. But the fired clay reaches our other rooms. So you can adjust it with the theme of your house and furniture. Continue reading Ceramics to Cover the Wall, Good or Bad?