Tea for Maintaining House

You must be thinking that the tea is just for drink
You must be thinking that the tea is just for drink

I love drinking tea. Especially hot lemon or honey tea. I believe tea is good for health and beauty. And recently, I discovered that tea is good for maintaining house too. How come? OK, let’s just straight to the point 🙂

(1) Tea for polishing wood floor

If you apply the wood floor in your house, black tea can help you to polish and keep the color. Prepare the water and floor cleaner, put 1-2 cups of black tea in it. Rub the mix slowly to the floor and let it dry. Done! Tea can also polish the furniture from wood. Just dip the towel into the tea water and use it to wipe the table, chair and other wood furniture.

(2) Tea for cleaning the carpet

Yes, tea can clean the carpet. It works better than water and detergent, which can destroy the carpet material. On the other hand, cleaning your carpet using vacuum cleaner can’t remove the smell. All you need to do is spreading the tea powder on the carpet surface. Let it soaked for 10 minutes and clean it with vacuum cleaner. Your carpet will clean and… smell good.

(3) Tea for removing the spot on the closet

Black spot on closet hole is often hard to clean and it makes the toilet looks dirty. To clean it, put the used tea pocket into the closet, let it there for hours, then flush it. The spot will be softened, so it’s easy to clean it with brush.

(4) Tea for cleansing the mirror and window

I just knew that tea can remove the finger stamp on glass block, mirror or window. It even makes them more transparent and brighter! Just rub the half-wet tea pocket on the glass surface. Or, pour tea water into spray bottle and spray it to the glass and wipe it with clean, dry towel.

(5) Tea for refreshing the refrigerator smell

We know, the refrigerator produces bad smell over and over again. It’s simply because there are many kind of foods and beverages within. But don’t worry. Once again, Mr. Tea save our day! To make your refrigerator smell fresh every time you open it, put some tea pocket in it. That tea can reduce any bad smell.

Well, that’s all for now. But I promise, next time I discover any other tea function, I add this article ~_^

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