Teak Root Chair for Garden

Teak Root Chair for Garden
Teak Root Chair for Garden

Antique. Unique. Yet functional. With a touch of our experienced craftsmen and specialists, the teak root chair looks so exceptional in nature. We designed it according to the precious ideas of the antique furniture collectors we met.

That classical design was then combined with the best teak root material, which ensures the garden chair is almost undamageable even under the rain and the sun. It is very suitable for being displayed, in any season, in your garden or outdoor café.

Make sure you order the exotic chair now. This product is in very limited edition since the teak root is very hard to get these days. We purchased the material directly from Cepu, Blora (Central Java), Indonesia, which is already well-known for the quality of its natural teak wood. So, there is no reason to doubt its durability and quality.

Beautify your garden or outdoor café. Make your guests impressed with a line of teak root chairs, as if they grow straight from the soil they stand.

The price is only 169 US$ each!

Serious buyer, please make an initial contact in the form below. It is moderated, your comment will never be showed. But we will follow up your order soon.

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