Technology to kill the gadgets at home, really?

A company make this innovation. When you set on the gadget, all the tech things around it will shut down. I don’t know exactly how it can turn the TV off, but that’s the concept. Once it works, you’ll be disconnect with other “realm” and get back on earth with your folk. Please watch this video and tell me your opinion.

Tell me, do you need such technology at your home?

I myself agree with the concept. But why does one need an invention to do this? At my home, the dinner table is a tech free zone. TV off and the electronics are left elsewhere.

Look again the video. It’s just sad if a very young child has tablet that she wants to take to the table, and then she has a tantrum when it’s taken off her. She will grow up with no respect or interest in other people.

It’s just an ads, yes. But it really happens around us, don’t you think? Put the blame on her parent who choose to give their kid the thing. At the very least, the children could put them down before going to the dinner table.

Once again, the technology we’ve seen on the video is a great Idea. However, we didn’t need it in our home either. Let say, it works. Then it works only at home. I’ve seen more parents disconnected from their kids while out in the mall, beach, hospital, or elsewhere. They always seem to be doing something on that cell phone.

What is the solution? Bring the stick along with you all the time? Nah. The old-fashion rule would work better.

For instance, no television and tech stuffs at meal times. I mean all distraction, including comic, novel, magazine and newspapers. The adults need to set an example, then kids will follow. When you fail to uphold this simple rule, then don’t expect technology can do that. No technology would replace the parent’s integrity.

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