Terrible Termites, What to Do

Here the wood eaters
Here comes the wood eaters

Recently, we’ve got mad. How could you be patient if the door frame that looked fine had been broken inside? It’s destroyed by the termites. We had to change that damn door. Not only changed it, but also chased the termite so they don’t eat our property again.

The termites live in colony. They search for food through the long and narrow paths. Termites and ants come from the same family. The difference is termites eat wood (cellulose), while ants eat all kind of food. This makes termites considered as scourge, because they can destroy the wood furniture.

The way of termites eating is different. Some eat and live in wood, some build their house underground, some eat tree, some need water, some live in dry, and some others. So, not all termites are scourge for human being. But, still we have to kick them away from our house. Here some advices:

  1. Remove the rest of unused woods, death tree and root around your house. Those are where the termites live.
  2. If you build the house from wood materials, try to avoid the direct contact between wood and ground. Although termites still can dig the path to their food, at least you know where the termites come from.
  3. Instead of using common wood, buy anti-termites woods, such as hardwood or wood covered by anti-termites material.
  4. Build immune foundation against termites by mixing it with anti-termites material.
  5. Call the termite prevention service who has professional method and experience to deal with this insect.

Finally, be reasonable. You can’t 100% escape bugs. All you need to do is check your house regularly. Like you scan your PC in periodic. Be all ear and eye.

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