Thai Massaging in the House

Recently, when I felt tired of my routine activity, I asked my wife to give 10-15 minutes massage. It’s weird, because before I get married, I didn’t enjoy this rub thing at all. However, I’m sure a lot of people would agree at the point that to get massaged is so relieving, for body and soul. Even to me, it’s sort of recreation at home.

Thai massage makes you do yoga without any effort. No oil is applied during, so you can fully dressed.
Thai massage makes you do yoga without any effort. No oil is applied during, so you can fully dressed.

But we would just like to try another massage. Thai massage! Did you know it? Did you try it? It’s more energizing and rigorous than most types of massage in the world. You don’t just lay down on the mat or bed passively, because Thai massage technique combines massage with yoga-like position.

As a resource I read, Thai massage was developed in India by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician to Buddha, about 2,500 years ago. Then it went to Thailand, where ayurvedic techniques gradually became influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. For hundred years, Thai massage had been performed by monks as one component of Thai medicine.

The masseur uses his hands, knees, elbows, legs and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also employed during the healing process. What I mean “healing” are: relaxing, reducing stress, improving blood circulation, increasing energy, escalating flexibility, balancing mind and body, etc.

Nevertheless, regarding its some (difficult) poses, Thai massage is not for all. Before practice this massage, consult first to your doctor, especially if you have:

  • infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds.
  • situation of immediately after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.
  • prone to blood clots.
  • the baby in uterus (pregnant).
  • situation of bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures.

Except those, Thai massage is good. Try the easy techniques with your fellow, you’ll enjoy it. Try with the professional therapist, you’ll even love it. I give you a video so you can imagine it:

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