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Rail door for bedroom
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Long time ago, a door is just an intermediary between the outside and the inside. Or, a separation one room to another. Now, the door can also give an aesthetic touch to your house. There are so many types, designs, measures, and materials of the door alone. Sometimes, it makes us a bit confuse.

But, don’t be. Let me tell you something about the doors, based on their material.

Aluminum door

It suits with contemporary interior design. Generally it’s made from glass in aluminum frame. The advantage of this type of door is, it doesn’t need to be repaired or repainted. While the disadvantage is, it will look ugly when you retouch it. So, make sure you choose the right color.

Wood door

Mostly, the wood doors aren’t made from solid wood. They are made with the medium density fiber (MDF), or polyboard. The lightest choice is the door that uses honeycomb main material from carton. The advantage of this door is, it suits for classic home design. It’s neat and elegant, cheaper and can give warm ambiance. Just be ware of honeycomb with bad quality. It can reduce the power and is less soundproof. It needs regular maintain, such as repaint or varnish.

Louvre door

It has horizontal slices that can be opened for air circulation if you need privacy and safety. So you will get the air even if the door is closed. But the minus side, it’s hard to be cleaned. You must ensure the mechanic work is soft and can block the view.

Flush door

It’s the most simple from any other doors. Made from fiberglass or wood, the whole surface is flat. Flush door is usually used for interior. It’s cheaper as well. But because the light cannot perforate and it has no decoration, so it’s not suitable for main door.

Rail door

It’s made from wood shard. The rail door has two components, vertical (stiles) and horizontal (rail). The solid construction can block the sound and keep the temperature in the room. It suits for country houses. But it doesn’t for the ones with contemporary design.

Swing or butterfly door

The door can swing back and forth. Sometimes it’s set in a pair like in a saloon. The hinge is easy to install than rail. It’s easy to maintain as well. However, don’t forget that the swing door needs space to swing. Sometimes, it is dangerous for the children.

Shifted door

It’s usually used for backyard. It can be placed indoor if there’s no space for one winged door. A shifted door is also called bag door because it’s shifted into the bag behind the wall when the door is opened. It needs narrower space than one winged door. It can be hid too so can give clean and neat look to your house. But you need a strong underpinning to hang this door.

So, which one you will choose? Each room might be different. Adjust it with your home design and necessity.

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