Throw, Donate or Fix

No matter how big is you house, you must decide "to throw or not to throw" one day
No matter how big is you house, you must decide “to throw or not to throw” one day

Yesterday night, I reorganize my bedroom, side by side with my wife. You know why? Few days before, my 8 month old baby fell from the bed. It was 50 cm free fall. And of course, she then cried. Loudly! I was so worried. Luckily, she’s fine now.

What crossed my mind then, how to prevent the same accident? And if that happens again, how to minimize the effect of gravitation? Hence, we decided to take out the bed frame to make 50 cm high to only 20 cm high.

It wasn’t that simple, though. Since my bed frame is multifunction (to keep some stuffs on and underneath), there were hidden objects that now show up. It’s always a problem. Where are you going to put these? Keep them in the room? Or throw them away? It’s not easy to decide. In addition, you have beautiful memory with some of these items. Oh my, I was so confuse.

But, I think, I must use my left brain to decide. This simple formula is pretty effective for dilemma “to throw or not to throw”.

  1. If it’s not useful and in bad condition, throw it to the trash.
  2. If it’s not useful and in good condition, put it to storage. Don’t forget to make a note about its particular location, in case you need it someday.
  3. If it’s useful, in good condition, but you have a better item, or plan to buy the newer and better one, donate it. There is always an option to sell it, but remember that the thing won’t be “disappear” soon, unless you meet people who are needing it and willing to pay right away.
  4. If it’s useful but broken, and you don’t plan to buy the new one, fix it. Browse how to DIY. But, how about the parts? You don’t have to worry since there is one-stop resource for all of your repair needs like this.

Evaluate your stuffs, e.g. books, furniture, books, tools, etc. Ask yourself how often you’ve used it in the past year? Be sincere with yourself. If it seems that you could live normally without them, out they go!

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