Tips to Buy Ready Stock House

We all want to build our own house. But some of you may think that building house is so complicated. To be more practical, you buy a house, a ready stock house. But, sometimes, I found people regretted buying ready stock house. I ask them why, and wrap the tips for you.

  1. Try to buy a house directly from the owner (without using property agent). You can get detail information about the house. The price will be cheaper as well, because he/she does not have to pay the agent. But…
  2. If you have to buy the house by property agent service, choose the right one. Ask references to your friends or family. Or if they don’t know, make sure you choose a popular property agent. They become popular for some reason, right?
  3. Ask the age of the house. If there has been a renovation, when. This can take effect to material. If the renovation has done long times ago, it’s a sign for you to renovate again.
  4. Check the condition of house environment. Do not wait until you and your family come to disappointment because the location is far from public area, prone of security, or even it is flood in rainy season.
  5. Verify the document, originality of home license, building permit, and property taxes. If there is different name in the document, instead of house seller’s name, ask it. For the inheritance house case, ask how many legal heirs for this house. You don’t want to receive an invitation from the court later, do you?
  6. Find the information as many as you can about the property market price around the house, so you can negotiate in normal price.
  7. Visit the house by yourself to know the building condition, whether the wall and the floor is crack, the roof leaks, the wood condition, electricity, water, the room temperature, etc.
  8. Take a tour to the neighbors. Ask them about the history of the house, whether the house is in dispute or there have been criminal activity.

Last thing you do: create an agreement between buyer and seller that the tax will be borne by each person.

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