To Choose Curtain

Beautiful curtainCurtain is usually set in the window, door, or as a partition between two rooms, so people won’t see activities inside. It can also prevent (dangerous) sunlight. To get a certain nuance in a room, you can choose the curtain design and color suit your necessity and taste. Well, some important things you have to remember when you buy the curtain are:

The function of the curtain shall be the reason why you choose the curtain. For example, if the curtain is just for room decoration, a lace curtain can be used. A beads, shells, or stones curtain can be used for room accessory. But of course this model can be closed perfectly, so you cannot use this as to cover the window from the outside of house.

There are many kinds of curtain material that can be used. Each material has its own character. In deciding the material, you can see the model and the function of the curtain. The most used curtain materials are cotton, satin, linen, and polyester. Other materials are velvet or organza that are heavy, soundproof and can absorb the sunlight.

A curtain can make the room looks perfect. Choosing the right curtain according to the home design will make a good theme of the room. An easiest way is to choose the curtain which its color suits to the wall color and the furniture surround. You can also adjust the curtain model with your home design. For instance, if your house has classic style, you can choose the hard-designed curtain. But if your house has minimalist style, a one color curtain with smocked ring will look simple. In this case, determining color, design and pattern is priority.

The price of the curtain also has to be considered. It depends on material, model and accessories. Every material has different price level. The more complicated the design, the higher the price. A model can influence the amount of material too. Take a pony curtain style as example, it uses more material.

What can make you waste your time is the accessories supplement, like tassel or a string to bind the curtain when it open. Another supplement is the rail where you hang the curtain, made of wood, iron or brass which the price is different each other.

The beautiful curtain decoration will complete the room and make you feel comfort. So, think about the things you want with this curtain, so it can attract your home interior and not just as window cover.

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