To Enjoy Breastfeeding, Use A Nursing Chair

Breastfeeding is a precious moment between a mother and her baby. I do that whenever my infant wants. Day and night (of course, when we are home). For short and long period. That’s why in breast feed activity, a mama can feel ache in her arms, back, or even feet.

I guess, a chair is needed to nurse. When the first time breastfeeding, I just use a non-glider chair. Sure it makes me feel ache in my arms. So my husband and I looked for a nursing chair, it’s a kind of armchair with a footstool to put my feet on. With the material from leatherette, the price is not too expensive. As I said before, this kind of material can be wiped easily.

Believe it or not, I feel so comfortable on it, even when I have to breast feed for an hour or more. My back didn’t feel ache at all, because of the soft back of the chair. My arms are supported well so I can hold the baby in my arms at ease. And my feet step on the footstool without causing cramps.

Status Veneto Glider and Nursing Ottoman, White/Beige is a nursing chair you can use since you’re pregnant. My experience, when I was pregnant I couldn’t sleep comfortably in bed and I didn’t feel relax in some usual sofa. So, I believe it’s a solution for your pregnancy and nursing time.

My nursing chair isn’t completed with rocking chair. But my baby can sleep easily if I feed her in this chair. Maybe because she feels comfortable too, especially when I rock her. Sometimes we “play” here. I mean, sometimes my baby is hard to please. Without nursing chair, I have to rock her while standing. But with this chair, I just put her on my lap and I talk or sing to her.

And now my baby is almost one year old. My husband moved the chair from baby room to living room. Because my nursing chair doesn’t look like nursing chair. It also looks like computer chair and relaxing chair. Sometimes, my husband use it too when I finish nursing. He uses nursing chair as a place for reading, working with laptop, even sleeping. Ha-ha! See, nursing chair is a chair for everyone.

A reliable nursing chair is a must have item in my house. Makes a breastfeeding feel enjoyable.

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