To Fix a Leak in Concrete Roof

Check it, a concrete roof may leak too
Check it, a concrete roof may leak too.

Do you think that a concrete roof will not leak? Well, the truth is, it would. This kind of roof is not that perfect. There could be empty areas within the solid when it was set. These empty areas may cause the leak in the future. To avoid such problem, pay attention to the mixing process of cement and sand.

However, the leak can also be caused by the age, less time of drying, or incomplete done. A house that uses the concrete roof must notice the flowing of rainwater. I mean, the puddle of water can possibly cause the leak. So, organize the slope of roof to avoid water linger on it.

What if it’s all done and you nothing you can do about that? Simple answer, frustrating attempt: repair the crack part. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. For me myself, to climb the roof is the most difficult thing to do 😛

By the time you get there, analyze how many cracks are there. If it’s only a few, you can patch it with cement after the roof surface is scrapped out to make the cement will stick well. You can also patch it by injecting the water proofing. To make it durable, mix it with cement or another additive material. Or you simply can fix the roof leak with paint. Here’s how:

  1. Apply concrete patch (you can buy it easily) to the leaking areas of the roof.
  2. Smooth the patch quickly, before it’s dry.
  3. Allow the patch to real dry condition. Ensure the rain or any water won’t fall on it for a full day.
  4. Next day, clean concrete roof’s surface.
  5. Apply a primer to the concrete roof using the roller, nicely.
  6. Allow the surface to dry for about two hours.
  7. Apply the paint in same way as you did with the primer.

Now you can save your money. Instead of calling the expensive expert, you can fix the roof by yourself. So, when it rains heavy outside, you have nothing to worry. [photo from]

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