To Sell A House with Feng Shui

Feng shui methodWant your house-on-sale to be sold in no time? Ha-ha, who doesn’t? You can hire a property agent. The property agent knows what to do effectively to sell it fast. Or, you can also continuously put your ads in media as often and eye-catching as you can. That’s the common option.

However, have you ever consider using feng shui method to do this? The feng shui might help you not only in building or organizing houses, but also in selling one. Do you believe feng shui, by the way? Me, I don’t 🙂 But I can always take the logical sides of this Chinese system of geomancy. Check this tips out and see if it suits you or not…

Use your four senses

Think like your customer think. That old saying is never too old to obey. Think if you are the buyer candidate. Then, answer these following questions:

  • What do you want to see in a house? The neat house, maybe. So, move the stuffs from the top of wardrobe and shelf. Make the buyer focus on the corner of the room that beyonds diagonal of the door. This can give a wide look to the room and the buyer will focus on the good feng shui area.
  • What do you want to feel in a house? Comfortable, I am certain. So, make sure the doors and rooms can be easily accessed and no mirror behind the door. Avoid the death house ambiance by setting something moving such as a ceiling fan.
  • What do you want to listen in a house? The sound of water flowing in the pool might be relaxing. If you love to hear that, build a small fountain in front of your house. Or, just play some relaxing music, especially in the corner of the house that faces north-west. This direction is important to increase buyer interest of your house, according to feng shui.
  • Which fragrance do you want to smell in a house? Feng shui says, people loves the fragrance of cinnamon and pine tree, more than flower or vanilla. So, if you want the buyer to like your house, spray a cinnamon or pine tree fragrance to create an adorable nuance.

Pay attention to the front door

This is the most important thing based on feng shui point of view. Make sure your front door neat and clean. Install the terrace lamp, new doormat, and put two pots of real plants near the front door to adorn the area. Don’t put any plastic flower or death plant. Because those can make your house looks death too.

Store the stuff to another room

If you want to connect with a new energy, I mean buyer’s, into your house, move your stuff to the storehouse. Doing that, your house will prepare itself to be occupied by the new owner. Rationally, it will make your house look wider and–based on feng shui view–this symbolizes a new room for the family who will move in.

Put the mark “SALE” in the right side of front door

This act is simply able to increase yang or active energy in the side of the house. When there is more yang, your house will look more live than mourn. Put also the things like terrace table at the right side of the front door. Providing the magazines, newspapers, snacks or chocolate candies, and fresh flower vas, is the good way to activate the positive energy too.

Clean the kitchen

Feng shui experts says, the kitchen is the center of prosperity and healthy. That is why you should clean the sink, kitchen table, and floor before inviting your buyer candidate. Put the little green plant pot and cookies on kitchen table would be nicer. Not a BS advice, isn’t it? It’s logical. So, have a try, folks. And please come back to me to tell the result.

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