Tricks to Make a Little House Looks Wider

You and I, I believe, want to have a big house where we can put all the stuffs. We can breathe freely because the air is everywhere. “Bigger is better!” people said. However, life sometimes isn’t that simple. Every years, the house price increases. It put us in no option situation: “Small is alright!”

Don’t be sad. We can still live comfortably in a little house. We can change the appearance to wider look, anyway. Here are some tricks.

Minimize the furniture
Yes, we need some chairs, table, cupboard, bed, dining table, etc. But we have to adjust them with the room. You don’t need to place the table and chairs in living room. It would be better if you just roll out a carpet. However, if you insist, choose furniture with minimalist style. Don’t place sofa, it makes the room look small. Same reason to avoid buffet. What about television? Put it on a minimalist shelf. Put your accessories collection on the wall shelf. The same idea for your bed and wardrobe.

Use the bright color for the wall
The color has important role to your house. To give impression of wide and comfort, apply the bright colors. Trust me, choose the colorful paints to the wall will make your room look narrow and smaller. Even if you want to use more than one color, keep use one color for one room. Then, the rest is for another room. It has purpose to avoid the impression of chaotic house.

Set the mirror
In addition, you may set the big mirror in your house. Did you know, a mirror can camouflage the room, so it will look wider. But never put the mirror face against the sunlight (it may heat you). By installing the mirror at the right place, you‘ll find “another room” beside the one we stay in. That’s what makes your house look wide.

Add window
If you have bigger budget, add some windows would be a good option. Just pay attention: use the window with the side opener. It will make the air easy to circulate while seeing the view out there. Use the transparence glass so the sunlight can enter directly into your house. To resist the heat, give a curtain with bright color.

That’s the tricks from me. Hopefully, it’s worth for your house.

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