Under Stairs Utilization

Small understairNot all of us have wide area to build the house. That’s why we build two floors house. But still, sometimes they don’t get enough area to build rooms we want. Meanwhile, there is a space that’s we often forget: the under stairs area. Usually it’s used as storage place or bathroom. Whereas, under stairs space can be changed into another room that you may need. For example…

Living room

Are you kidding? The under stairs area is generally not wide enough. Yes. But with a little sparkling of creativity, you can make it a comfortable living room. Don’t use large furniture, so it doesn’t look too heavy or narrow. Just put a chair and a table with interesting design and color. Soon you will have a comfortable mini living room.

If there is still space, you can put a television precisely under the stairs to make it looks efficient. To make the room looks larger, you don’t have to place chair or sofa. Just spread the carpet and unique pillows.

Home Library

If you are a books collector, the under stairs area can be used as a home library. The aslant angle can be changed into bookshelf. Put one soft sofa or comfortable chair as the place to read. If this corner is too dark, it’s not a big problem. Just bring a reading light there.


Use the under stairs space as a playground for your children (if you have). You can put piano or any toys here to make this space more alive. Put the soft carpet if you want to make this as perfect playground. Also put a shelf or cabinet to store the toys so it won’t look messy.

Art Gallery

Do you love arts and collecting many artworks? Don’t put it in storehouse. Put it here, on the shelf. Organize it so it looks beautiful and artistic. Voilà, this area becomes an art gallery.


Placing some plants under the stairs will make your house looks fresh. To facilitate you in maintaining, choose the dry or indoor plants. Decorate the garden with natural stone such as coral or sand. You can also make small pool as the garden’s ornament. But don’t forget to clean it everyday.

Pretty cool ideas, huh? Let’s work on it!

[Photo from RealEstate.com]

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