Used Stuffs in Your House

Never think that the used stuffs in your house are useless. With a little creativity, you can change them into useful things. Let’s see these examples.

Hanging Photo Frame
Maybe it’s more practical if you buy a hanging photo frame in a gift shop. However, let’s not involve the money. Pick your standing photo frame and find the soft drink tin can. Then, cut the clip of the tin and lose the hook. Stick the clip to the back of the photo frame and nail it with thumbtack. Beautifully creative, isn’t it?

Ribbon Hangar
Do you have a used wire clothes hangar? Don’t throw it to the garbage, because you can use it as ribbon hangar. How come? It’s very easy. Open the wire twist on the top of the hangar. Enter the ribbon roll in it. Voilà! Now your ribbon isn’t messy and complicated again. You can also easily take it by pull the end of the ribbon.

Damage Comb
Maybe you’d say, “What will you do with a damage comb?” My answer is, “I keep it to help me in nailing.” Nailing is a man task. But if they can’t nail the furniture or anything else, then you have to do that alone. Just be careful because nailing can wound your hand. To avoid this, use the damage comb with proximate teeth. Enter the nail into one of its gap so the nail can keep standing straight. Hit your hammer. Congratulation, your hand is safe.

Plastic Paperclip
Sometimes, when you buy snacks and you didn’t eat it off, you don’t know how to keep it. Maybe you can store it in refrigerator or jar. Or band it with rubber band. But I have another solution. Use the paperclip to close the snack pack. Your snack will keep crispy.

So simple! So easy for you to apply, isn’t it? Do you have another idea? Tell me.

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