Versatile hanger to hack the filled wardrobe

Deal with a populated wardrobe is quite frustrating. I often had no idea, where else should I put my fashion items such as scarves, jackets, belts, or child carrier? Should I just throw away the rarely wore items in the wardrobe. Well, I think I can’t do that.

Is your wardrobe full already?

Do you also experience the same dilemma? Do you also feel confused to store such important items when the closet is full? Of course you are not going to put them in a bookcase or refrigerator, aren’t you? Or just put them on a table or a chair? It’s a big no!

So, I think it’s better to put the items, which we often wear, anywhere, but take the aesthetics and the condition into considerations. I mean, for instance, you can hung a leather belt anywhere but in damp places or where the sun goes directly. It is also important not to mess the room by putting everything randomly.

A versatile hanger

Creating a multipurpose hanger is a good idea in this case. The unique design of hanger above is one of the examples. This should be a versatile hanger for the accessories (that cannot be put inside the closet).

You can make it with your own design, taste and need. All you must prepare are plywood, hooks, and the devices, e.g. pencil, ruler. nail, drill, saw, etc.

Process of making the hanger

It would be easier if you hire a woodworker to get all this done. With his skills and expertise, your concept can be done faster than you think. But, of course you can do it by yourself too. The woodwork is not a rocket science, after all. Everybody can learn it with a proper guide.

Process of making the hanger

You can hang this versatile hanger anywhere: behind a wardrobe, door, clothesline, or even in the garden. Small accessory like this can keep your rooms neat and order.

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