Wall Problem No More

Peeled wall problem
Peeled wall problem, one of the common wall problems

My friend complained about the wall in his bedroom. He had a serious wall problem. It was humid, moldy and the paint is peeled off. Well, I had the same problem too. Maybe you also do. But don’t worry. I’ve got the solution now.

Moldy wall problem

If the ventilation in a room is not really good, the steam from around will be absorbed by the wall. It’s a matter of time to be occupied by fungus. What is the solution, then? Just open your window and install the exhaust fan to fix the air circulation problem. Done.

Humid wall problem

It happens because of humidity in the house. My friend has a plan to cover the wall with ceramic. It’s not a good idea. Installing ceramic will make the room feel hot and it will look like bathroom wall. The right solution, actually is more simple than that. Repaint your wall. Thist time, use some waterproof paint.

Hollow wall problem

Such problem is often caused by wrong concrete mixture. The right one is 1/3 cement and 2/3 sand. If sand is more than that, the wall will hollow. So, check the wall condition when you buy the house. If the wall looks humid, paint it first with water resistant sealer. But the new wall needs at least two weeks to become really dry before you paint it. Make sure the contractor isn’t in hurry when building your house.

The paint start to peeled

If the wall is moldy and the paint is peeled, the problem may come from rain seepage. Check the window and door rail, make sure it has no space. Whenever you see any space, cover it with waterproof silicon.

Water spots on the wall

If there is water spot on the wall and you find the acid smell, maybe it comes from seepage water from air conditioner pipe channel or dirt water channel. Although you cover the wall with waterproof sealant, it can’t stick if your wall is too wet. This is your time to call the professional to find the leak position and patch the leak part in inside wall.

That’s it. Any other wall problem?

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  1. In the end, most professionals see waterproof paints as a temporary patch for their problem. They’re not appropriate for waterproofing basement walls, and they’re likely to fail, usually in six months to two years’ time.
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