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Armoire Wardrobe
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To make your house neat, it doesn’t mean to put all the stuff disorderly in the wardrobe. If you do this, how many times you waste your time and energy by looking for the clothes every morning?

A wardrobe isn’t a storehouse where you can put anything inside. It has to look neat inside and out. How to do that? Just pay attention on these:

  1. Put all the accessories in the shelf separated with your clothes. By this way, you can avoid a mess and will easily find what you need. A lot of time would be saved.
  2. Use the strong and fine material for your wardrobe. So you don’t nessesarily change it often through the seasons. Here a high quality wardrobe for example.
  3. Put the stuff you rarely wear in the place that is not easily reached, like suitcase, umbrella, backed up pillow or other things you rarely use. It will give more space for your accessories or clothes.
  4. Use the hanger as many/litte as you need. You don’t need to use the expensive hanger if you can manage which clothes to which hangers.
  5. Clean the wardrobe regularly and keep it fresh. Use your time about once in two weeks to clean the dust inside. Sometime from the little animals’ pups (yikes!).
  6. Put the mothballs to keep your clothes or another stuff away from the moths that can damage your collection.
  7. Don’t put the wardrobe in the humid place. If your wardrobe made from a thin wood, beware, the humidity will influence the content of the wardrobe.

A wardrobe can influence the quality of your clothes, mostly for its scent. You mismanage the wardrobe, you mess your outfits.

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