What is A Comfort Environment to You?

Everybody has their own criteria in determining their dream house. Some wants a house that’s near a house of worship. Some wants to be surrounded by friendly neighbors. Some prioritize security system. But most of all, people wants a comfort house.

The program is, how to choose a comfort house environment? Let us break down a bit here…

For those who want religious house environment

Sometimes people think that the housing with house of worship has religious society. But pay attention, sometimes the house of worship isn’t managed by the community, but by the villagers that live near the housing. Because the housing community is often busy with their business or work and they don’t have time for social activity.

For those who want a big house with friendly neighbor

Like I said before, the housing community is often busy working. And sometimes, in the elite housing, the people have bad sociality. They even don’t know who their neighbors are. Meanwhile in the middle housing, there is usually social relation between folks. At least, they know who lives in next door. So if you want a big house and need a warm neighborhood, you’re better buy two or more houses in middle class housing, then join it. But if you want exclusive situation without neighbor affair, you can choose the elite housing.

For those who want safety housing environment

You can choose the cul de sac cluster. A cul de sac has one access way out and it’s usually guarded by security. In a cul de sac housing, a house usually has one or two doors so it can be easily watched by the security, and you won’t be annoyed by sales or anyone who comes from the outside cluster.

However, there is no guarantee about luck. Recently, I visited my uncle’s housing. The one with cul de sac system. He told me a bad true story, “There were robbery here. The victim is my neighbor. It seems like the robbers know the environment very well. They came in as ordinary guests. Maybe by a car, so the security in the gate didn’t see the faces or sniff their evil plan. Then, it happened. And the robbers fled by climbing the housing’s wall.”

The moral of the story is, there is no such perfect comfort environment. Every housing or house has its own flaw. Like human. Our task is to make sure we get the house as near as possible with our needs, without dream too high about a dream house.

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