What is a Minimalist Style?

My friend loves simplicity and practicality. He wanted to build a minimalist house because he thinks it is suitable for his character. What is a minimalist house, anyway? It’s not only a house with simple and elegant design. More than that, this style represents a pragmatist modern lifestyle and gives the priority for the function. Usually, there are only few objects in a minimalist or postmodern house. You’ll love this design if:

  1. You are keen on cleanliness. You will love minimalist concept because there is no corner that is hard to clean.
  2. You emphasize the function and foundation. You throw away the unimportant things, ornament and all the decoration. There will be less painting and vas. A clean opened room is the center of decoration.
  3. You emphasize quality than quantity. So, if you love collecting the antique stuff, or if you like keeping stuff you buy though you never use it, maybe this type of house is not compatible for you.

Do you agree and desire to build minimalist house? If your answer is “yes”, keep reading.

To build a minimalist house, you need a simple design of your house first. The geometric lines create a slender performance. It is good for a home design with limit room area. And to reach a full minimalist effect, most houses use double element function. For example, ventilation is just a hole in wood frame and the windows are separated from the door. It means the windows are set independently.

Lighting is very important in minimalist architecture. A lamp has a simple form (e. g. in square) in black and white. Dark wood is also often used for the floor. The roof is often flat to give a simple effect.

Color is also very important. The bright color such as red, yellow, and orange give a beautiful and esthetic contrast related to the whole home design. Just try to play with color combination.

Happy trying!

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