What Makes an Eco Friendly House

As we know, nowadays people are pushed to create high quality and eco friendly products. It is economical and efficient. Global warming effect that “terrorizes” the world make us care more about environment. Same thing with the houses. We called it eco friendly house.

If you want it, you can apply this kind of house. This can cut your bill and give more value of your property. To have an eco friendly house, you can choose the energy alternative source:

Renewable Energy
We can get this energy from nature, such as sun and wind. The products are solar panel, heat pumps or wind turbine.

Efficient Heating
This is the natural heat that we can get from natural material or high quality products such as under floor heatings, efficient boilers, twin coil cylinders.

Water Conservation
Try to use water maximally and efficiently with good quality products like rainwater harvesters, dual flush water closets, eco play water recycling.

There are many green products you can use in applying eco friendly house:

  • solar panel as water heater or electricity
  • roof from glass for natural lighting
  • wood window covered with gauze; it gives chill in the night and prevent mosquito
  • two kinds of garbage (organic and non-organic)
  • a house without paint, only bricks
  • floor from wood, nature or river stone

Many ideas you can create to build an eco friendly house. I think it will be better if you join the green house with eco friendly technology.

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