What to do before Building a House

One thing that makes me and my husband keep together is we love simplicity. Not only in lifestyle, but also in choosing house. And because we understand that everyone has their own imagination, buying a house (even a new one) will not make us satisfied perfectly.

That is why we design our own house. And our choice is simple one. We do understand that house is important in the future. Not only as an investment, but also as a place to live and grow the children.

A house doesn’t have to be luxurious. Even the material don’t have to be expensive. The most important is, it must have high quality.

First, create your home design by yourself by using design software. Then, discuss it with your family and contractor. It would be better if you have a friend or family who is an architect. So you will get free (or cheap at least) professional advice. Like my father in law, he’s an arcitect (but according to my husband, he has old-fashioned taste ;D) and he’s very helpful.

Choose a good contractor. If you can, choose the one that you have known his personality or portfolio. This is important to have a good quality house. Don’t forget to put the agreement on the paper.

When it’s time to start the building, manage the building license. Also, make a plan to register the electricity and make artesian well.

Use the budget as well as you can. You have to be selective in buying and using the material. If you have so much money, it won’t be a problem. Otherwise, choose the right place to buy the good and cheap material. Every seller has different price. You just have to find the one that suits your pocket.

If you ask the seller to deliver the material you have ordered, ask when it will be arrived in your house. Make sure the delivery is not too late, because it causes delay in your project. It will costly, specially when your men are on site already.

Now, you’re ready to build a house.

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