Why Choose Bricks

Exposed bricks, cool....
Exposed bricks, cool….

I often see a house which wall shows the naked bricks. No cement to cover it. It’s really only bricks. As we know, brick is used to build the wall. It’s made from clean clay, free from gravel and other stones. Sometimes we find the difference color and texture of brick because of difference clay material and burning technique.

Generally, there are two kinds of brick: conventional and pressed one. Conventional brick is made traditionally using simple equipments. One character of this conventional brick is the shape isn’t always same, untidy, and the texture is rough. But this makes brick looks exotic.

Meanwhile pressed brick is made by using machine, so the result will be softer, tidier and each bricks has the same measure. Some people love to use pressed brick due to its look. But some other people think that conventional brick is more interesting, because the texture is rough and looks natural.

The brick becomes the main material to build the house in tropical area such as Indonesia. People choose bricks, instead of blocks, as material to build your wall usually is because of:

  1. Cheapness. The main substance can be easily found especially in Indonesia.
  2. Easiness to be found. The production doesn’t need high technology equipment like in manufacturer, and the cost is accordingly low.
  3. Orange, the unique color. It becomes a strong characteristic and a power attraction. The house owner often let the brick shown to give a natural and tropical nuance. Even in Balinese architecture, most of bricks are exposed.
  4. Strength. It has the power against weather, hot or cold or even humid.
  5. The heat rejecter. So, it’s suitable to be used as wall. The brick can make the house feel chill even when it’s hot outside.

Not to mention the artistic factor. How about you?

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