Woodworking Easier with Teds Woodworking Plans

Are you tired of doing ineffective woodworkings? Maybe because it’s led only by your instinct, which was proven to be not-so-accurate? Or, because you finally sense that your magazines and books have misguided you? Then, alas, you decided to buy ready-stock wood furniture or crafts you needed, instead of creating them with your own hands.

There’s nothing wrong with that! But if making some woodworks is your hobby and passion, you shouldn’t be that desperate.

Think about having a reliable resource in one website, available for you anytime you need. I am talking about a digital collection of woodworking ideas, plans, catalog, blueprints, tips & tricks, instructions, recommended tools, in thousands of photos and videos. Think about a couldn’t-be-fail-if-you-tried guide that makes a newbie becomes a skilled woodworker.

But, don’t just think. Because, such resource actually exists. Let me introduce you…

Ted’s Woodworking Plans

This is all you need as a woodworker. Within this package (hosted on Ted’s Woodworking website), there are literally thousands of woodworking projects. You can download them into your laptop or PC anytime. Just click on a specific project, then you’ll be provided by the diagrams, images and instructions. You can download or print them all if you prefer that way.

Ted's Woodworking Plans package
Ted’s Woodworking Plans package

Ted’s Woodworking Product gives you clear guides, which are easy to understand. You won’t have trouble to get your woodwork project done quickly and easily. When I say “you”, I mean both the experienced or novice woodworkers (of ourse, an intermediate as well).

But, “Do I really need this premium resource? Is it worth to buy this TedsWoodworking?” you may ask.

Well, it depends on your passion on woodworking. If it challenges your creativity, then I think you’ll be sorry for not having this. Ted’s package will help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes in woodworking. That means saving time, money and energy. It improves your self-confidence in the woodworkship as well.

But who the heck is Ted, anyway?

Let me briefly introduce you. Ted Mcgrath. A professional and very skilled woodworker. He is a member of AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute). Since the beginning, Ted has always an enthusiasm for woodworking. He started that work since more than three decades ago. However, in the beginning, he discovered that it was frustrating not having a reliable woodworking resources to get the best results.

Hence, Ted did trials and errors with many woodwork projects. That was far before he became a master of woodworking. Ted then mixed his huge knowledge and decadal experience in woodworks to make a complete yet simple resource. Two years later, he proudly launched his product: Ted’s Woodworking Plans.

The Positives of Ted’s Woodworking Plans

One of Ted's woodworking projects

When you start a woodworking project, you need all the essential info, such as schematics, blueprints, materials lists, dimensions, et cetera. That’s where Ted’s Woodworking Plans makes for. In Ted’s Woodworking Plans, you’ll get:

  • Over 16,000 clear, detailed, accurate and easy to follow diagrams for almost any woodwork project you can imagine.
  • A 200 pages of Woodworking Guide with step by step techniques you can use on many projects.
  • A collection of over 100 detailed woodworking tips & tricks.
  • 150 premium videos, so you can learn some particular woodworking projects by watching.
  • 3D Modelling software and DWG CAD file viewer.
  • A guide about How to Start a Woodworking Business. By this, you don’t just get your woodworking problems done, but also make profits through it. Of course if you want it.
  • Great customer support.

The Negatives of Ted’s Woodworking Plans

There is no such perfect product on earth. Yes, this Ted’s Woodworking Plans too. Let me see…

  • It takes times to download things. They are all in high quality. Surely! You need them provided hi-res for the detail parts in the first place, don’t you? So, actually, it’s a good side and bad side at the same time. But don’t worry, there is option to “upgrade to the DVD” at Members Area, so you can save time on downloading.
  • The videos need to be improved a bit. Not only does the entire section need some additional contents, but the video variety alone seems to be lacking.
  • And overall, these plans look a little disorganized. Though, that’s understandable regarding Ted’s Woodworking Plans contains a huge numbers of stuffs. It’s very hard to put each of them to an exclusive category or order.

Let me wrap it up and leave you to decide

Ted’s Woodworking Plans is a resource that is easy to follow, even for a beginner. This will help you creating some woodworks, and even can generate some new ideas of woodworking. For examples, a do it yourself to build benches home furniture, dog houses, bird feeders sheds, and many more.

Once you buy this package, you’ll instantly get (at least):

  1. Access to Membership Area.
  2. Woodworking plans and ideas.
  3. Bonus documents.
  4. Comprehensive guide on How To Start A Woodworking Business.
  5. Woodworking videos.
  6. DWG CAD file viewer.

There is also a lifetime member access included in the package. Not to mention a 60 days unconditional money-back guarantee. You won’t regret buying this precious woodworking package.

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