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Make your blog your cash flow machineYou can actually be a full time blogger. You’re not going to be starved. At least, until your blog becomes established. Yes, a lot to do before you reach that level. But don’t worry, it’s all doable for ordinary people like you and me.

The frequently asked question is, how much you can earn from blogging activity? Unfortunately, there is no satisfying answer for that. As you can see a different range of salary even for the same position, let’s say manager in your town. It really depends on the company, your effort, strategy, and luck factor. Let’s focus on “effort” and “strategy”, shall we?

What you need to blog for money

  1. A blog. Not necessarily a paid domain and hosting blog, you can actually use or I see is way cooler than But too bad, you can’t put any script (your advertiser’s code) on it. So, if you plan to put the ads involving the codes in your blog and still want the free host platform, I suggest rather than However, the own domain and hosting is always better option.
  2. A niche. You need to pick up a topic what your blog is talking about. For example, unit links & insurances, European soccer, cooking with organic ingredient, backpacker traveling, etc. Don’t go too broad, unless you have a stamina and budget like CNN, BBC, National Geographic, and other huge portals. Don’t go too narrow either, unless the number of visitors is not your concern.
  3. A passion. It’s important to choose your blog niche according to your passion or hobby. So, you are willing to routinely update the content even if the visitors don’t come yet. Or, even if that blog doesn’t make money yet for months or years.
  4. A traffic. You need it before you plan to monetize your blog. A bunch of traffic doesn’t mean a lot of income. But no traffic definitely is no income. So, get the traffic for your blog. You can do that with some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique or by advertising your blog.
  5. Some needed skills. Mainly, it’s the writing skill to express ideas, opinions, analyses, or simply to convey the information to your reader. You will need a sense of design and a little understanding about html language as well. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard to learn.
  6. Regular new content. You are called blogger when you continually produce and post content for your blog, be it’s in text (recommended, because search engines love text), pictures, podcasts, or videos. Keep on posting something you think useful, interesting and/or inspiring for your readers. But make sure the content is original, not from copy-pasting process.
  7. A good PageRank and Alexa Rank. PageRank is a rank system from Google. And Alexa Rank is from Amazon. Both are the least parameters that advertisers use to figure out your blog’s reputation (beside the number of your visitors of course). The better rank, the better destiny for your wallet.

Have them all already? Then, congratulation, you’re ready to monetize your blog. Here some opportunities:

(1) Paid review

The idea of paid review is you write a post like usual, but in fact, it’s a paid request from your advertiser. You review the advertiser’s website, product or service, put 2-3 links to their website. Sometimes, you are asked to just copy-paste their press release to your blog. Here, you can earn from 10 USD per paid post. There are 500 USD/post opportunities, but I never had it, LOL.

How to get this kind of advertisement, anyway? Simple. Just register on the paid review broker’s websites. There are many of them, but I myself so far count on and For more detail about paid review, I leave you with this slide. Check it out!

(2) Space for ads

There are three options of this. First, you can sell through PPC (Pay Per Click) schema, e.g. Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, etc. Go to their web to register. If your blog is eligible, you’ll can access the ads option: text, display, or text & display. Grab the code, and put it to some proper spot on your blog, then check if the ads show or not. When someone click the ads, you’ll get your cents. It’s a little money, but if your blog have such good traffic, of course you don’t have to wait too long to get your first 100 bucks.

Second, you can register to the ad broker websites. For instance,, and so on. They automated everything. You just need to insert the code they give in your blog’s sidebar or anywhere you want. They collected the money up front from the advertisers, and will pay you when it’s time. But, with all this hand’s free in your side, they take 20%-50% commission from you. Pretty high. But, it’s worth.

Third, you find your own advertiser. Usually, it’s display ads with pay per impression schema (not PPC). Find websites that come up for keywords your blog ranks highly for. Then contact them personally, stating why you believe their advertising on your blog would be beneficial to them. Give them some pricing and spot options, also blog statistics. Save the data who you’ve contacted in a spreadsheet together with their responses. So, you have a contact list for the future offers.

(3) Affiliate product

Since you have a blog, good traffic, loyal readers, and you keep on talking about certain topic, people will start to believe that you are an expert in that subject. Why don’t you “sell” your expertise too to suggest your folks to buy something you recommended? In this case is, an affiliate product, someone else’s product where you act like its salesperson. When any visitor buy that product through your blog, you’ll get the commission.

For example, your blog is about fashion. You may search “perfume affiliate” on Google, read them and find if their things suit your blog’s audience. Check the affiliate term & condition, FAQ, how much you’ll get from one product sold through your blog, when you get paid, how the payment, and so forth.

Once you think, “This is good for me!” go on register. You’ll get an affiliate URL. Make a page on your blog to promote the perfumes to your readers with the affiliate links. Done! Now, you wait someone click the “buy now” button. In the meantime, you can continue to post like usual. Or search another affiliate product to promote.

(4) Become someone else blogger

There are always people or companies who can see the benefit of blogging, but don’t have a time to do that. That’s your opportunity. Find some company with a static website that seems like updated annually only. Alternatively, find some public figures, speakers, politicians, local actors, businessmen, who don’t have a blog.

Contact them politely. Inform that you can blog for them everyday with affordable price. Highlight what they will benefit from blogging: about personal brand building, break the distance between the company and the market, bla bla bla. Don’t forget to show them the impressive blogs you’re handling.

OK, that’s all for now. I hope you can see the money in blogging activity. But keep in mind that you won’t generate any money directly. It needs time to attract the visitors and build reputation, be in the eyes of human (a.k.a. your visitors) or the search engines. All you need to do is to keep on blogging passionately.

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