Work at Home Idea: Online Teacher

Online teacher
Online teacher

Thanks to Internet and old-fashioned telephone, you can teach people without leaving your house. Online teaching, it might be not a completely new idea for you. But it still run well. And I think there is a growing market demanding online teachers or online trainers.

The profession online teacher suits you if you are an expert of something and willing to share it professionally. Usually, it’s language teachers with pupils from all over the world, without geographical boundary. But of course, you can teach something else as long as it can be trained orally and distantly, not, for example, how to ride bicycle or how to swim.

What you must prepare to become an online teacher

As an online trainer, you’ll teach via Skype, Facebook group, more sophsticated platform, with some supporting files like e-book, podcast or video. Beside those files and platforms, here’s what you need to be prepared:

  • Passion of teaching. Especially for the long run, you’ll need this very much.
  • Love to chat online and talk over the phone for hours.
  • Curriculum, be it for short term (as short as one session) or long term (multisession).
  • Basic computer and Internet skills.
  • Interest in other cultures. It would be better if you also learn speak your clients’ language.
  • Computer, cellular phone, talk time, and a high-speed Internet connection (if you do this through Internet).

Yes, the lessons take place either over the phone (land or Internet) or on a live Internet video service like Skype. Flexible time is very appreciated since your clients would come from different time zones. And mostly, they look for trainings with flexible time because during 9 to 5, they are still in the office.

How to get customers and how much they pay?

You can join communities like Skype Education, Go Fluent, iSpeakUSpeak. Try to look for jobs like this on microfreelancing program such as Fiverr. How much you earn depends on your strategy and promotion. At very least, remember, you need to start somewhere to build reputation and client list.

While doing that, you can make your own name. Try to build a blog that speaks about you and your expertise. Offer your service as an online trainer there.

Don’t forget to keep on promoting. Online and offline. Contact your previous students, friends, family, colleagues, etc. Some advertisements, free and paid, would be also great.

About the fee, you can start with 15 bucks per hour or lower rate with monthly-based. By the time your system and skills are improved, and your students are growing, you can raise it gradually. Private training program is more expensive, however.

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